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Transport for your needs

The forms of transport or delivery of the orders are:

  1. Prepayment of de transport. Cablematic applies very competitive rates that depend of the weight of the goods.
  2. The client arranges the shipment.
  3. Delivery at Cablematic counter.

The usual and most convenient way is the first, which Cablematic sends the order using prepaid DPD or TNT transport companies. In this case, at the end of the order, our shopping cart will automatically calculate the cost of transport that depends of the weight of the goods, according to the following formula (net prices without VAT):

  1. UK 3-6 days = (6.00 ) + (weight in kg x 0.65 )
  2. UK 3-4 days = (8.50 ) + (weight in kg x 0.65 )
  3. UK Isle of Man 3-6 days = (7.45 ) + (weight in kg x 0.55 )
  4. UK Isle of Man 3-4 days = (9.95 ) + (weight in kg x 0.55 )

Special Considerations

Cablematic is not responsible for transit times, and simply is limited to offer the services of transportation companies.

If the customer uses their own transport or courier company, is the customer's responsibility to manage the order collection, respecting delivery schedules provided by Cablematic. Cablematic is not responsible for damage, theft or packet loss caused by the customer transport agency. Cablematic delivery the order to transport agency in perfect condition, checked and packaged so that it reaches the best possible conditions.

Upon receiving the order from transport agency, please note on the delivery receipt any anomalies you see on the packaging. A posteriori (within 24 hours of receipt) we advise that you check that the products contained in the packaging are in perfect condition and have suffered no internal damage caused by the transport service. In case there are any abnormalities, take pictures of it and send them to Cablematic e-mail info@cablematic.com (commercial department).

If possible, Cablematic manage the incidents caused by the transit agency. After 24 hours of receiving you can not make any claim to the transport agency in respect of damage.

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