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Converter YPbPr Component Video to VGA with Toslink YV01

Product ID SH93

Technical summary

  • Input 1: 3 RCA Female (video Y, Pb and video Video Pr), 2 RCA Hembra (left and right audio audio) and 1 female Toslink (optical digital audio).
  • Input 2: 1 HD15 Female (VGA), 1 minijack 3.5 "Female (stereo audio) and 1 female Toslink (optical digital audio).
  • Output: 1 HD15 Female (VGA), 1 minijack 3.5 "Female (stereo audio) and 1 female Toslink (optical digital audio).
  • The front panel has push button switches the video signal output between the signal input 1 and input 2 signal.
  • Resolution Input 1: 480i, 480p and 576p.
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Video converter by components YPbPr to VGA. In addition to the conversion, it performs the selector functions between the component video input and the VGA input. The use of this device is to be able to use the same screen for audio and video from a computer (VGA) and component video source.


  • Input 1 : 3 RCA Female (Y video, Pb video and Pr video), 2 RCA Hembra (audio left and audio right) and 1 Toslink Female (optical digital audio).
  • Input 2 : 1 HD15 Female (VGA), 1 MiniJack 3.5 "Female (stereo audio) and 1 Toslink Female (optical digital audio).
  • Output : 1 HD15 Female (VGA), 1 MiniJack 3.5 "Female (stereo audio) and 1 Toslink Female (optical digital audio).
  • The typical configuration would be a player with component video output connected to theto input 1, a computer with VGA output connected to input 2 and a screen with VGA input connected to the output.
  • On the front panel there is a button that switches the video signal of the output, between the signal of input 1 and the signal of input 2.
  • Resolution entry 1: 480i, 480p and 576p.
  • Resolution input 2 and output: 1600 x 1200 at 75Hz.
  • It has an ON/OFF button on the front.
  • Hasof active LED indicators and POWER.
  • Requires power supply from 5VDC to 250mA (included).
  • Size: 145 x 98 x 37 mm.
  • Weight: 320 g.
  • Includes 1m VGA cable (HD15-M/M) and 1m stereo audio cable (MiniJack 3.5 "M/M).


Weight: 0.67 Kg.
Number of packages: 1
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Color unspecified

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Technical terms used
  1. LED

  2. Jack connector

  3. RCA

  4. Toslink

  5. VGA



Jack connector

We can find 3 types of jack connector, monaural TS connector (tip-sleeve), TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) and TRRS stereo plug (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) which is used in most mobile devices, tablets, MP3 etc ...
We can difference these 3 types of connectors according to their diameter:

1. 6.35 mm jack connector or TS.
2. 3.5mm minijack connector or TRS, is the most common, usually used in headphone's output of portable devices.
3. 2.5mm jack connector or TRRS.

It consists of a maximum of three connecting parts being called the largest mass or negative polarity and two smaller size located more towards the end of the connector,
The called positive that correspond to each channel, such three-part plug can transmit signals in two separate channels, also known as stereo signals. There's a mono version, consisting of only two parts, a negative and a positive.

A. Protector
B. Stem
C. Ring
D. Tip
E. Kindred
F. Ring (Signal Right)
G. Tip (Signal Left)

Jack connector


The RCA (Radio Corporation of America) connector is a connector used to send video signals or audio.
This is a circular two-contact connector; signal and ground, used with coaxial cables. Each signal uses a single cable and to differentiate color coded RCA connector on the set.
(1) Analog Audio:
Audio Left (White)
Audio Right (Red)

(2) Videoanalogical:
Video (Yellow)

(3) Composite Video:
Audio Left (White)
Audio Right (Red)
Video (Yellow)

(4) Video Component (YPbPr):
Y (Green)
Pb (Blue)
Pr (Red)

(5) Video components (RGB):
R (Red)
G (Green)
B (Blue)

(6) Digital Audio:
S/PDIF (Orange/Gold)



TOSLINK (Toshiba Link) is a standard fiber optic connection created by Toshiba 1983, which is based on the use of optical signals instead of electrical signals. It is generally used for interconnecting audio equipment, but supports different formats, both physical and data. 1 (in the image) Toslink Connector 2 (pictured) Connector Mini Toslink


Fuente de la información sobre Toslink:


The term VGA (Video Graphics Array or Video Graphics Adapter) is a graphics display system for PCs developed by IBM. VGA has become one of the standards for the PC image. In text mode, VGA provides a resolution of 720 by 400 pixels. In graphics mode, the resolution is either 640 by 480 (with 16 colors) or 320 by 200 (with 256 colors). The color palette is 262,144.Unlike earlier graphic standards for PCs - MDA, CGA, EGA and VGA - uses analog signals rather than digital signals. Since its introduction in 1987, several other standards have been developed that offer greater resolution and more colors (SVGA, XGA ...), but VGA remains the denominator used. All personal computers manufactured today still have support VGA, and possibly some other more advanced connection.


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