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RS232 RS422 RS485 Cortex M4 serial module Ethernet TCP/IP with housing model USR-N520

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Description rS232 RS422 RS485 Cortex M4 serial module Ethernet TCP/IP with housing model USR-N520

USR-N520 is a serial two-port ethernet converter module. Equipment to convert TCP/UDP data to RS232, RS422 and RS485. Easy to use, low price, low power, high speed Cortex-M4 chipset, and high stability. Mounted in metal housing and with power supply.

  • It has two serial ports (RS232, RS422 or RS485).
  • 10/100 Mbps interface with auto-detection.
  • Compatible Auto MDI/MDIX. A crossover or parallel cable may be used.
  • Operational TCP server, TCP client, UDP, UDP server.
  • Configuration of parameters through a serial or network port.
  • Level 5.0V RS232/RS422/RS485.
  • Virtual serial port.
  • Mechanism to ensure that the connection is secure.
  • In UDP mode, broadcast packets are not allowed.
  • CompatibleWith gateways, switch and routers.
  • It can work on LAN and WAN (internet or external network).
  • Transmission distance RS232 of 15 m.
  • Transmission distance RS485 of 1000 m.
  • 32 bit ARM CPU inside.
  • Protection 2 KV.
  • Isolated electromagnetic.
  • Serial port transmission speed: 300 to 230,400 bps.
  • Configuration up to 3 Mbps.
  • Network protocol: EtHernet ARP, IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP.
  • Supports Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.
  • Software tool: configuration software and TCP/UDP test.
  • Configuration method: RS232 or via Ethernet (software available for download).


Weight: 0.68 Kg.

Product measures:
Width: 15 x Depth: 9.4 x Height: 3.1 cm.

Number of packages: 1

Package sizes: 26.5 x 17.3 x 6.3 cm.Package volume: 2888.235 cm3.

This product is not available with different sizes

Color unspecified

[!] Weights, sizes, colors and shapes are only approximate and may differ from those represented, although the functionality of the product never differ with those specified

Technical terms used

  1. MDIX

  2. Communication Series

  3. RS485

  4. WAN


MDI port on a hub or media converter that implements an internal filter function. This means that an "integrated" device \ cable connection can be used to connect a station to this port, since the crosstalk must be made within the port, rather than on the cable.

Fuente de la información sobre MDIX: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDIX

Communication Series

RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232, also known as EIA/TIA RS-232C) is an interface that designates a standard for the exchange of a series of binary data between a DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and DCE (Data Communication Equipment , Data Communication Equipment), although there are others in which the RS-232 interface is also used. An equivalent definition published by the ITU is called V.24. The RS-232 is a connectorDB-25 type (25-pin), although it is normal to find the version of 9-pin (DE-9, or popularly also called DB-9), cheaper and even extended to certain types of peripherals (such as serial mouse PC).

Communication Series

Fuente de la información sobre rs232: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/RS-232


It is a special multi point communication for industrial machinery by its format adapted to long distance and heavy machinery. The connector is used to connect the DB9 serial port or popularly called. One characteristic is that it is able to greatly reduce the noise so that the distance is much greater.



WAN, which is also known as wide area network is a network that consists of several private computers or organizations. Today with the speed that is in LANs is no longer necessary to use WAN


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