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Server rack cabinet 19 inch 42U 600x1000x2000mm floor standing MobiRack by RackMatic

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Description server rack cabinet 19 inch 42U 600x1000x2000mm floor standing MobiRack by RackMatic

Rack of 19" rackMatic MobiRack brand 42U height and external size in mm 600 (width) x 1000 (depth) x 2000 (height) (cabinet size without wheels or leveling feet) Made of steel High-quality SPCC 1.2mm thick, painted in black RAL9004 Rack cabinets that are supplied disassembled Professional and suitable for the installation of 19 "rackmount server rooms, as they allowBe connected laterally.

Main Features
  • Rack 19 "of the high quality range RackMatic MobiRack.
  • Cabinet size with wheels installed (width x depth x height): 600 x 1000 x 2070 mm. Wheel height: 70 mm.
  • The 19 "front/rear racks are adjustable in depth, since they are mounted on rails that allow their movement.Files rack, 2mm.
  • Useful base of 887 mm (from front frame to the rear cover of the cabinet). Distance between 775 mm front and rear frame (user configurable).
  • Compatible with ANSI/EIA standards RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494 (PART1) and DIN41494 (PART7).
  • Compatible 19 "International Standards, ETSI.
  • Wardrobe made of steel SPCC 1.2mm thick, painted black (RAL9004).
  • Supplied flat-pack disassembled for convenience of transport.
  • Maximum static load supported: 1,200 kg.
  • Front door with metal frame, glass and security key.
  • Rear door made of sheet metal perforated for better ventilation of the interior. With safety key.
  • Top/bottom cover with cable gland.
  • The top cover is adapted for installationN of 4 120mm side fans (fans not included).
  • Possibility of installation of upper ventilation cover (reference WO22).
  • Removable side covers. They have drilling for the installation of lock with key. The lock is not included (reference WO33).
  • Tray side fixing system. Side fixing width 490 mm.
  • The cabinet is supplied with ruEdas to facilitate the mobility of the same. 4 feet of leveling is provided to set the cabinet in a fixed, height-adjustable position.
  • Possibility of acquiring the system of union of two cabinets (reference WN92). These are 4 metal pieces that join 2 cabinets. For the connection, the side panels of both cabinets should not be installed on the sides that are attached.
  • Includes package ofRack fixing hardware 19 "rack (40 units).
Packaging Information
  • Package 1: 200x64x23cm and 33Kg.
  • Bulk 2: 104x64x11cm and 25,5Kg.
  • Package 3: 194x77x11cm and 61Kg.


Weight: 119.5 Kg.

Product measures:
Width: 60 x Depth: 100 x Height: 207 cm.

Number of packages: 3

Package volume: 530000.000 cm3.

This product is not available with different sizes

Color unspecified

[!] Weights, sizes, colors and shapes are only approximate and may differ from those represented, although the functionality of the product never differ with those specified

Technical terms used

  1. Rack unit (U)

  2. Flat-pack

  3. RACK 19

Rack unit (U)

There are several cabinet heights according to the needs of the installation, this height can be measured in rack units (U).

Each rack unit or U is the distance between each horizontal separation to place the different accessories inside the rack. This distance is 1.75 inches that is equal to 4.4445 cm high.

For example, if we say that a rack is 8U we will understand that it has 8 units to install device orAccessories of 4.44 cm in height.

Normally these accessories, like trays, guides, strips, etc. Occupy a unit of U (1U), but we can find that other devices or accessories occupy more units, for example can be a rack box to install a PC, a UPS, etc. It can be said that there is also a half unit of U (0.5U), in this case, two units could be installed in a rack unit.

As far as I knowEndo the units of rack that occupy the devices that we are going to install we will know the height that we need for our rack.

The size of the rack unit (U) is based on the standard specification for racks defined in EIA-310.

Rack unit (U)


The flat-pack or flat package system is a flat packaging that optimizes the total package size and easy to transport.


A rack is a metal support designed to house electronic, computer and communications equipment. The measures for the width are normalized to be compatible with most equipment manufacturers. They are also called racks, cabinets, cabinets or closets. Each column has holes at regular intervals called U rack units (Pictured: 4) grouped in threes. The height (Pictured:5) of the racks is standardized and external dimensions of 200 mm by 200 mm. Being normal that from 4U to 46/47U height width types (Pictured: 7). Standard 600 mm or 800 mm Types of background (Pictured: 6) The depth of the frame is not standardized, as this flexibility is granted (Pictured: 8) to the equipment. The most common are: - 450 mm - 600 mm - 800 mm - 900 mm - 1000 mm - 1200 mm Type 19-inch rack can find various types of 19-inch rack. Rack Mural (Pictured: 2): Used to accommodate electronic network. They are the smallest and are anchored to wall. Rack Pie (Pictured: 1): They are used primarily for servers, UPS and network electronics. Open Rack (Pictured: 3): Open Rack Racks are available only modelsstructure, eliminating doors and other accessories.


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