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Solar road stud LED for warning sign 105x105x20mm aluminum 2-pack

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Description solar road stud LED for warning sign 105x105x20mm aluminum 2-pack

Reflector signaling for road, street, pavement or floors of all types. It is an innovative LED light signaling system that is easily positioned where attention is required. It has two opposing lights that emit continuous light with great visibility from all angles. Reflector with internal battery rechargeable by solar energy during the day. It is automatically activated when the iIntensity of light. Ideal for signaling or delimiting industrial areas, streets, private or public roads, gardens, etc.

  • TWO PIECE PACKAGE of signaling reflector that emits continuous light.
  • It has two opposing yellow reflectors.
  • It activates automatically when the light intensity decreases.
  • It has internal rechargeable Ni-Mh of 800mAh.
  • Includes solar panel for battery charging by solar energy.
  • Approximately 18-24 hours at full load.
  • IP68 environmental protection against dust, moisture and water.
  • It can be fixed to the floor in a simple way with screws (not included).
  • Visibility distance up to 800 m.
  • Made of high strength aluminum.
  • Supports a maximum loadIma of 15 tons.
  • Measures: 105 x 105 x 20 mm.


Weight: 0.65 Kg.

Product measures:
Width: 10.4 x Depth: 10.4 x Height: 2.3 cm.

Number of packages: 1

Package sizes: 10.5 x 10.5 x 2 cm.Package volume: 220.500 cm3.

This product is not available with different sizes

Color unspecified

[!] Weights, sizes, colors and shapes are only approximate and may differ from those represented, although the functionality of the product never differ with those specified

Technical terms used

  1. IP Protection

  2. LED

IP Protection

hen we talk about IP code (International Protection) we talk about an international standard (IEC 60529) which classifies the protection against external factors, solid or liquid, that has a component or electronic device; LED strips, controllers, meters, security cameras, etc.

This alpha-numerically standard has been designed to sort different levels of protection. Nomenclature starts with IP followed by two numeric values.

- Example IP68:

The first value ranges from 0 to 6 and indicates the protection against solid agents. In this case, strong protection against dust.

The second value is between 0 and 8 and indicates the protection against liquid agents. In this case the complete and prolonged immersion during the time specified by the manufacturer.

We could say that the larger the number is greater IP protection has a device.

In below table, we can see different IP protections levels available.

IPXXFirst digit (IPxx)Second digit (IPxx)
1Protection against objects of> 50 mm diameter.Protection against vertically dripping water.
2Protection against objects of> 12.5 mm diameter.Protection against inclined drip water up to 15°.
3Protection against objects of> 2 mm in diameter.Protection against water projected from any direction, up to 60°.
4Protection against objects of> 1 mm in diameter.Protection against splashing water any direction.
5Ingress of dust is not entirely revented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment .Protection against water jets.
6Dust tight.Protection against strong jets of water.
7Protection against complete immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
8Protection against complete and prolonged immersion.

IP Protection


The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (Light Emitting Diode) is a passive optoelectronic component is characterized by its versatility, taking many forms and integrating a multitude of optical elements, from displays to light bulbs and even camera flashes. One of its best features is its low power consumption and their longer life, durability perfectly resists almost any occasioner vibration, in addition to low heat.

In the diagram:

A Anode
B Cathode
1 Lens/epoxy encapsulated (plastic caps)
2 Contact Metallic (thread)
3 Cavity reflective (reflective glass)
4 Termination
5 Anvil
6 Platelet semiconductor
7 set of anvil plate and replacing the filament
8 edge up


Fuente de la información sobre LED: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/LED

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