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Square LED lightning frame acrylic A2 495x670mm for advertisement poster or labeling

Product ID LX33

Technical summary

  • Methacrylate transparent frame size 495 x 670 x 31 mm.
  • acrylic framevery elegant. The announcement is disposed between two sheets of methacrylate.
  • front and backsheet methacrylate 3 mm thick.
  • Frame silver/transparent 40 mm wide.
  • Designed for posters, signs and ads A2 format.
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DC 12V

Product available. Delivery time 1-3 days. 2 years warranty. 14 days return period.
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Backlit poster with LED technology for the installation of photos, ads, posters, menus, price lists, posters and, in short, all types of opaque or translucent posters. Transparent methacrylate poster, which is fixed to the wall with a floating system. Acrylic frame with a central area where the poster to be displayed is available. The installation is very simple, because it is enough to remove the transparent front to put the poster,and put back the transparent cover. The system allows the exchange of posters according to need, as if they were advertisements. It has a uniform backlighting system throughout the back of the visible surface, based on technology of white LEDs with very low consumption.


  • Transparent methacrylate frame size 495 x 670 x 31 mm.
  • Acrylic framevery elegant. The advertisement is arranged between two sheets of methacrylate.
  • Front and back sheet, 3 mm thick methacrylate.
  • Silver/clear frame 40 mm wide.
  • Designed for posters, signs and ads in A2 format.
  • The advertisement is inserted between the back and front sheet.
  • Even lighting technology by LEDs, which even propagates light to the edge of the metac framerilato.
  • The visible part of the poster is backlit in a totally uniform way with white light.
  • Low consumption thanks to LED lighting technology.
  • It works with a 220 VAC to 12 VDC power supply (source included).
  • Model designed for wall fixing.
  • 4 chromed metal fixings are provided, which leave a separation between wall and frame, of 20 mm.


Weight: 4.4 Kg.
Product measures:
Width: 49.5 x Depth: 3.6 x Height: 67 cm.
Number of packages: 1
Package sizes:
73 x 55 x 5 cm.Package volume: 20075.000 cm3.
Also available in:
Color unspecified

[!] Weights, sizes, colors and shapes are only approximate and may differ from those represented, although the functionality of the product never differ with those specified

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Technical terms used
  1. Paper format

  2. LED

  3. VAC

  4. VDC

Paper format

We can define the paper formats according to their measures and these are defined in ISO standard 216 one, which in turn includes the standard DIN 476. This applies in most of the world. I there are plenty of measures for the role, but the most used are the Serie A and to a lesser extent Serie B.

In Serie A, the most widely used format is the A4 (210x297mm) or also called "sheet" used in most printers and fotocopiadoras.

Series B is defined for intermediate sizes Series A. For example, the B4 is the intermediate size between A3 and A4.

Paper format




VAC would be the abbreviation of Volt Altern Current which would be translated Volts of alternating current. The difference between VDC is that its sinusoidal oscillation achieving a more efficient energy transmission.

The alternating current is the energy that we receive in our homes, it is generated in the power plants by means of alternators.

The intensity of this type of current varies with time, and changes direction 50 times throughsecond (50hz). The generated voltage changes in the form of sine wave so it is not constant.

In the image:

  1. Current by pulsations.
  2. Direct current (DC).
  3. Alternating current (AC).
  4. Variable current.



VDC would be the abbreviation for Volt Direct Current which translated would volts direct current. The idea of ??this type is unidirectional current to the load. Direct current is normally produced by batteries, thermocouples, solar cells and a dynamo electric machine type. The direct current can flow in conductors such as wires, but may also flow through semiconductors, insulators ... In the image: 1 - current per pulse 2 - Direct Current (DC) 3 - Alternating Current (AC) 4 - Variable Current


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