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HDMI extender UltraHD 4K 2K FullHD 1080p Cat.5e Cat.6 HDBaseT HDBT 70m - Matrix 4x4

Product ID HB43

Technical summary

  • Extender of signal HDMI (audio and digital video) through cable of ethernet network UTP (Cat.5e or Cat.6), compatible with HDBaseT (HDBT).
  • Compatible with UltraHD (4K and 2K) and FullHD (1080p, 720p, etc.). Support 3D video and HDCP 2.2/1.4.
  • Two 12 VDC power supplies are supplied. The main power supply that feeds the matrix emitter, and the power supply POC (Power over Coaxial) that feeds the 4 remote receivers.
  • Size: 438 x 230 x 48 mm. Metal flanges are supplied for installation in 19 "rack cabinet.
  • Front LCD viewer to see the status of the matrix.
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DC 12V





FullHD 1080p

Product available. Delivery time 1-3 days. 2 years warranty. 14 days return period.
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Extender of signal HDMI (audio and digital video) through cable of ethernet network UTP (Cat.5e or Cat.6), compatible with HDBaseT (HDBT). It consists of two modules that are interconnected through twisted pair ethernet network (UTP) cable. Transmit the signal at a distance of up to 70 m. Compatible with UltraHD (4K and 2K) and FullHD (1080p, 720p, etc.). IR (infrared) signal support for bidirectional remote control support (both modules)s are emitters and receivers of IR signal).


  • 1 x RJ45-female IP control of the matrix selector.
  • 1 x DB9-female Control through RS232 serial port, of the matrix selector.
  • 1 x DC-jack female Connection of 12 VDC power supply, main.
  • 1 x DC-jack female Connection of 12 VDC power supply, PoC (Power over Coaxial).
  • 4 x HDMI-female HDMI audio/video input digital connection.
  • 4x minijack 3.5 "Connection of IR (infrared) signal emitters.
  • 1 x minijack 3.5 ". Connection of the IR signal receiver (infrared).
  • 4 x RJ45-female Connection with remote modules via TCP/IP ethernet cable.
  • 4 x minijack 3.5 "Connection of the IR (infrared) signal receivers of the remote modules.
  • 4 x RCA-female SPDIF connection for each of the remote modules.
  • <li> 4 x 3-pin-female Analog audio connection for each of the remote modules.
  • 1 x 3-pin-female Pass through the RS232 signal of the remote modules.


Weight: 4.04 Kg.
Product measures:
Width: 43.8 x Depth: 23 x Height: 4.8 cm.
Number of packages: 1
Package sizes:
49.5 x 31 x 8.5 cm.Package volume: 13043.250 cm3.
This product is not available with different sizes
Color unspecified

[!] Weights, sizes, colors and shapes are only approximate and may differ from those represented, although the functionality of the product never differ with those specified

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Technical terms used
  1. 1080p

  2. Categories network cables

  3. DC jack connector

  4. HDCP

  5. HDMI

  6. Jack connector

  7. Communication Series

  8. RACK 19

  9. RCA

  10. RJ45


1080p is an alternative name for the maximum resolution used in high definition television (HDTV). The number 1080 represents 1080 lines of vertical display resolution, while the letter p stands for progressive scan and non-interlaced.

Fuente de la información sobre 1080p:

Categories network cables

Depending on the quality and type, network cables are classified into categories that help us know the characteristics of them.

The categories of network cables most commonly used are:

- Category 5
- Category 5e
- Category 6
- Category 6
- Category 7

As can be seen, category 5e (enhanced or improved) and category 6A (Augmented), are an improvement of categories 5and 6, respectively, which it has improved the top speed and bandwidth.

The higher the category, the higher the speed of maximum data, the maximum 100 meters distance as its standard.

You can see a table which shows the 5 categories, where V is the maximum velocity, D is the maximum and MHz frequency which can work away.

Categories network cables

DC jack connector

Inside the different types of connectors for power supply we find one of the most common, the DC jack. Used in most connections in electronic devices such as routers, laptops, printers etc ... is the most used due to its easy assembly and connection. These connectors are mostly used in DC power supplies and installations.
The connector is cylindricalAnd we find its version in male and female format (A). The male connector is composed of the outer and inner metal part, where in each of them the energy travels, normally the inner part is used for the positive pole and the outside for the negative, but may vary according to manufacturer.
This type of connector is found in many diameters, the most common are 3.5mm and 5.5mm. Although we can andThere are several measures in terms of length and outer or inner diameter.
Its installation is simple, we can find several types of connectors, pair to weld or to screw with terminal block, it will depend on the user to choose the most suitable in its installation.
When purchasing the male connector to perform a repair we must know its diameter, length of the connector and internal diameter. If we proceed with aTo new installation only we must make sure that the male and female connector are of the same characteristics.

DC jack connector


HDCP (acronym for high-bandwidth digital content protection in English, that means protection of digital content of high bandwidth) is a specification developed by Intel to control the content of digital audio and video that is transmitted through DisplayPort, DVI connections, HDMI, Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF), or Unified Display Interface (UDI). The specification is proprietary, and their implementations must be licenciadas, of which Digital Content Protection is responsible. It is a type of digital rights management.


The acronym "HDMI" stands for "High Definition Multimedia Interface".

The HDMI interface allows transmission of video and audio between devices, supporting video resolutions 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p, 1600p.

Different HDMI versions

HDMi 1.0
- December 2002.
- Maximum transfer of 4.9 Gbit/s.
- Supports up to 165 Mpixels/s video mode (1080p or UXGA 60Hz) and 8-channel/192 kHz/24-bit audio mode.

HDMI 1.2
- August 2005.
- Added support for One Bit Audio, used on Super Audio CDs, up to 8 channels.
- Availability HDMI Type A connectors for PC.

HDMI 1.3
- June 2006
- Bandwidth 340 MHz.
- Data rate of 10.2 Gbit/s.
- Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD,

HDMI 1.4
- Send video and audio HD
- Data and 3D video.
- FullHD to XHD (eXtended High Definition) up to 4096 2160 pixels (24 frames per second) or 3840 2160 (30 fps).
- Audio Return Channel that will need fewer cables to have a surround sound system connected to the TV.
- Built-in Ethernet connection cable with speeds up to 100 Mbit/s own.

HDMi 2.0
- September 2013
- Bandwidth of up to 18 Gbit/s
- 4K @ 50/60 (2160p) video
- Up to 32 audio channels to a multi-dimensional immersive experience
- Up frequency 1536kHz for maximum audio fidelity sound
- Simultaneous Delivery 2 streaming video to multiple users on the same screen
- Streaming audio up to 4 users
- Support theater angle 21:9 radio
- Dynamic synchronization of video and audio in streaming
- Extensions of CEC commands to control multiple devices from a single point.


Type A (picture 1): It is the standard connector used in almost all devices.
Type B (picture 2): A connector rarely used.
Type C (picture 3): A connector widely used in tablets, smartphones and other devices.
Type D (picture 4): A connector used in smartphones.
Type E (picture 5): IA connector used for vehicles connectivity.


Jack connector

We can find 3 types of jack connector, monaural TS connector (tip-sleeve), TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) and TRRS stereo plug (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) which is used in most mobile devices, tablets, MP3 etc ...
We can difference these 3 types of connectors according to their diameter:

1. 6.35 mm jack connector or TS.
2. 3.5mm minijack connector or TRS, is the most common, usually used in headphone's output of portable devices.
3. 2.5mm jack connector or TRRS.

It consists of a maximum of three connecting parts being called the largest mass or negative polarity and two smaller size located more towards the end of the connector,
The called positive that correspond to each channel, such three-part plug can transmit signals in two separate channels, also known as stereo signals. There's a mono version, consisting of only two parts, a negative and a positive.

A. Protector
B. Stem
C. Ring
D. Tip
E. Kindred
F. Ring (Signal Right)
G. Tip (Signal Left)

Jack connector

Communication Series

RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232, also known as EIA/TIA RS-232C) is an interface that designates a standard for the exchange of a series of binary data between a DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and DCE (Data Communication Equipment , Data Communication Equipment), although there are others in which the RS-232 interface is also used. An equivalent definition published by the ITU is called V.24. The RS-232 is a connectorDB-25 type (25-pin), although it is normal to find the version of 9-pin (DE-9, or popularly also called DB-9), cheaper and even extended to certain types of peripherals (such as serial mouse PC).

Communication Series

Fuente de la información sobre rs232:


A rack is a metal support designed to house electronic, computer and communications equipment. The measures for the width are normalized to be compatible with most equipment manufacturers. They are also called racks, cabinets, cabinets or closets. Each column has holes at regular intervals called U rack units (Pictured: 4) grouped in threes. The height (Pictured:5) of the racks is standardized and external dimensions of 200 mm by 200 mm. Being normal that from 4U to 46/47U height width types (Pictured: 7). Standard 600 mm or 800 mm Types of background (Pictured: 6) The depth of the frame is not standardized, as this flexibility is granted (Pictured: 8) to the equipment. The most common are: - 450 mm - 600 mm - 800 mm - 900 mm - 1000 mm - 1200 mm Type 19-inch rack can find various types of 19-inch rack. Rack Mural (Pictured: 2): Used to accommodate electronic network. They are the smallest and are anchored to wall. Rack Pie (Pictured: 1): They are used primarily for servers, UPS and network electronics. Open Rack (Pictured: 3): Open Rack Racks are available only modelsstructure, eliminating doors and other accessories.



The RCA (Radio Corporation of America) connector is a connector used to send video signals or audio.
This is a circular two-contact connector; signal and ground, used with coaxial cables. Each signal uses a single cable and to differentiate color coded RCA connector on the set.
(1) Analog Audio:
Audio Left (White)
Audio Right (Red)

(2) Videoanalogical:
Video (Yellow)

(3) Composite Video:
Audio Left (White)
Audio Right (Red)
Video (Yellow)

(4) Video Component (YPbPr):
Y (Green)
Pb (Blue)
Pr (Red)

(5) Video components (RGB):
R (Red)
G (Green)
B (Blue)

(6) Digital Audio:
S/PDIF (Orange/Gold)



When we talk about RJ45 ("Registered Jack" 45) we refer to a telecommunications network interface for wired connection of voice and data equipment.

This connector has 8 pins or connections and may have a specific category depending on the data transfer speed and bandwidth (category 5e, 6, etc.)

The common application is their use in Ethernet network cables under TIA/EIA-568-B standard that defines the arrangement of pins (pinout), but can also be used for other applications.

- Direct pin diagram:

Pin No.2: GREEN
Pin No.4: BLUE
Pin No.6: ORANGE
Pin No.8: BROWN

Pin No.2: ORANGE
Pin No.4: BLUE
Pin No.6: GREEN
Pin No.8: BROWN

- Schematic of crossed pins:

The crossover cable has one end with EIA-568A scheme and the other one with EIA-568B.


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